Spokane Photographer: Capturing Timeless Moments

Dec 10, 2023


Welcome to Kelly Tareski Photography, your premier destination for exceptional photography services in Spokane. Whether you're looking for a professional photographer to document your special events, or seeking top-quality photography products and services, we have you covered. With a team of highly skilled photographers, we are dedicated to capturing timeless moments that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Photography Stores & Services

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we offer a wide range of photography stores and services to meet all your needs. From studio sessions to on-location shoots, we strive to deliver stunning images that surpass your expectations. Our state-of-the-art equipment and technical proficiency enable us to capture the essence of every event, ensuring each photograph tells a unique story.

Professional Photographers

Our team of professional photographers is committed to capturing the perfect shot every time. With their extensive experience and artistic vision, they know how to find the right angle, lighting, and composition to bring out the best in each subject. From weddings and family portraits to corporate events and product photography, our photographers excel in various genres, providing you with exceptional results.

Event Photography

When it comes to event photography, we excel in transforming moments into cherished memories. Our skilled photographers have a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing candid shots that truly reflect the atmosphere and emotions of your event. Whether it's a wedding, graduation ceremony, or corporate function, we go above and beyond to ensure your memories are preserved beautifully.

Capturing Timeless Moments with Kelly Tareski Photography

Choosing a photographer is a significant decision, as they play a crucial role in highlighting and preserving the most precious moments of your life. At Kelly Tareski Photography, we understand the importance of these moments and ensure that they are captured with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our approach to every project is characterized by a perfect blend of professionalism, creativity, and personalized service. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and work closely with you to create a photography experience that is tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Kelly Tareski Photography?

  • Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our craft and know how to deliver exceptional results.
  • Technical Excellence: Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with our technical proficiency ensures that every photo we capture is of the highest quality.
  • Passion for Photography: Our team of photographers are not just experts in their field; they are also passionate about their craft and genuinely care about creating memorable experiences for our clients.
  • Attention to Detail: We believe that it's the little details that make a big difference. From capturing fleeting glances to showcasing intricate details, we pay close attention to every aspect of your event.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with a photography service that leaves you completely satisfied.


If you're in search of a top-notch Spokane photographer, look no further than Kelly Tareski Photography. With our passion for photography, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service, we stand out from the crowd. Trust us to capture your special moments and create timeless memories that you'll treasure forever. Contact us today to discuss your photography needs!